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Domestic Solutions

We've been lucky to have been given free reign by our corporate clients to research the market and come up with some other the best solutions that money can buy.


This has enabled us to bring the benefit of this experience and our knowledge of the latest developments to the domestic market.


Consequently we are able to offer technically superior integrated security solutions embracing leading edge technology from a cross section of manufacturers not always associated with the consumer market.


This doesn't mean that our products need to be out of the reach of the consumer and whilst our domestic products are very much suited to the high net worth individuals with bespoke security requirements we also have a host of entry level solutions to suit all budgets.

You won't see our products in retail outlets quite simply because that level of technology isn't good enough for our clients. Our CCTV systems are designed according to your specific requirements around image quality, functionality, integration and user interface. Our Intruder systems are designed specifically around the uniqueness of your premises, your lifestyle, integration with other systems and other risks specifically identified.

Our product of choice for intruder systems is Texecom, a UK manufactured market leader with an ever increasing share of the market through leading edge technology and innovative products. We will of course discuss your personal preferences regarding manufacturer.

Being independent we are able to select from all mainstream CCTV manufacturers, however our two main product lines are from Hikvision and Avigilon.

Our access control offerings leverage the latest products from Lenel, Tyco, Paxton and BPT.

All of the above can be integrated to give you the most comprehensive end-to-end security solution possible.

However complex or straightforward your requirement, call us to discuss how we can help you achieve your security objectives. We're happy to discuss your options with absolutely no pressure or hard sell.

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